The Test Tube Tauranga Creators

Listed on Wednesday 29 July 2020 | | Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

It has began! The Test Tube project needs creatives of all kinds to take part in this series of evolutionary market-like events focused on creativity, disruption & innovation.

The Mission...
To provide an enjoyable and educational event that will aid creatives in forming fundamental innovative business practice skills and positive connections with local entities and other creatives. Incubating the growth of strong support and/or collaborative networks, sustaining vital growth of the local creative community.

We will... Offer an incubative and innovative series of events (bi-monthly) that can support the local creative community on their journey, where creatives can test ideas and/or products and get honest feedback from real customers in an open market format.

Initiate contact between creatives and leaders of local business, innovation and entrepreneurial growth groups/networks, bridging the current void between education completion and the business/entrepreneurial support often required for success.

Better educate the community on terms like ‘Creative’ and ‘Innovation’ and regenerate the idea of 'markets' and what they can offer both the 'stallholders' and the community.

In short, we will provide a space for disruptive innovative creatives, supporters/mentors/investors, and the wider local community to connect. Hosted by The Incubator Creative Hub Charitable Trust at The Historic Village, 17th Avenue, Tauranga.


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