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Listed on Wednesday 28 October 2020 | NZ On Air | Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

We fund the recording and promotion of single songs, multi-song projects and video content to help connect great NZ songs with NZ audiences.

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Before you apply
Before you apply there’s some essential information that will help you understand how we invest and give you the best chance of securing funding.

Our strategy for investing is outlined in the NZ Media Fund and our high level goals are set out in our Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations.

We focus on new music that stands out from the crowd - that is, great songs by artists with a good story to tell, or a unique perspective or sound.

Our NZ Music Strategy, updated in 2016, indicates the increasing emphasis placed on funding projects that reflect Aotearoa and have the potential to reach significant broadcast and/or online audiences.

Before you apply, ensure your music qualifies as New Zealand music by reading the criteria on the NZ On Air Music website.

New Music Single
Funding of up to $10,000 is available for a single song- which can now include a $1,000 (10%) Artist Creation Fee.

NZ On Air will pay a maximum of $10,000 (plus GST if registered) for the eligible costs of recording a single, creating video content to promote the single and other promotion costs to increase NZ audience awareness and engagement with the audio and video content.

Update to New Music Single criteria 2020:

New Music Single application criteria are put in place to ensure that when you’re applying for public funding you have first made some positive inroads into audience engagement and gaining a genuine interest in and following for your music. There is huge demand for NZ On Air funding and it’s important that the artists submitting songs that go through to our expert assessment panels have made some audience impacts already without funding support.

For NZ On Air to invest public funding into an artist Single, we want to be assured that you have achieved various early music career benchmarks off your own bat. This updated list of Criteria is designed to reflect a key selection of those benchmarks across the areas of Online audience, Broadcast track record, Other platform/editorial features, Live performance track record, Business credentials, and Awards and other recognition.

NZ On Air’s mandate is to support a range of quality New Zealand music to be made available and discoverable across multiple online and broadcast platforms where a variety of New Zealand audiences listen to, discover and enjoy music. Hence your online following, streams, radio spins, views, plays and other engagement are core focuses of the work that we do and the music that we support.

To be eligible to apply for New Music Single funding we ask that you have reached at least 10 out of 30 criteria benchmarks for your music to date. If you can reach at least 10 out of these 30 benchmarks then your song and application can be submitted to be assessed by our expert funding panels.

Please note: the 10% Artist Creation Fee is optional. The artist or rights holder can decide to invest that fee into the overall single campaign if they wish.

The button below will take you to an online portal where you must register to apply for funding.


New Music Single 2020
Nov/Dec Round opens: Tuesday 13 October

Deadline: 4pm Thursday 5 November

Decisions: Thursday 3 December

New Music Single 2021
Feb/March Round:

Deadline 11 Feb 4pm

April/May Round:

Deadline 15 April 4pm

Jun/July Round:

Deadline 24 Jun 4pm

Sep/Oct Round:

Deadline 2 Sep 4pm

Nov/Dec Round:

Deadline 4 Nov 4pm

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