Q&A: Devilskin's Paul Martin "ready to let loose"

23 September 2020



"I think we have been incarcerated long enough, it's time to let loose!"


Devilskin’s Paul Martin speaks to Grant Hislop.


You’ve bred the band's drummer, Nic Martin, but how accurate is it to say that “The Tron” is a breeding ground for Rock?


"Fair statement and yes I can personally attest to this. Lots of solid as rock folks that have traditionally been supportive of rock and most live music. The fertility of the local willing maidens is also a factor!"


When I first met you it was in the context of your radio show “The Axe Attack” moving from “Contact FM” to “The Rock”. I could’ve been forgiven for assuming your music collection would be only Metal but found you had a very broad collection. 


Name 3 albums in your collection that Devilskin fans might find most surprising?


"Patti Smith, Demond Dekker, Bach"


The biggest musical moment for you so far?


"Possibly playing Download UK, we had such a great response there. Also playing the Whiskey-a-go-go in Hollywood was surreal."


Married to Lisa now for 27 years. Any tips for rock and roll marriages?


"Find a woman who loves what you do and wants you to realise your dreams. Don't let her go!"


Can you share a goal the band is yet to achieve?


"We would love to tour America properly, spend a few months getting to know the place, we have a massive fanbase there.”


In earlier bands you were on the 6 string, obviously, bass is a superior instrument but do you miss it?


"haha I still play the guitar a couple of hours most days and I'm still active with my other band World War Four where I get to crank it up a notch. I would miss it if I ever had to put it down."


You’ve always been a promoter of New Zealand Music, who are you excited about at the moment?


"Really excited for Shepherds Reign, a great band with a lot of talent and a great sound, looking forward to hanging with the lads on this tour. Also, Seas Of Conflict are absolutely smashing it. Alien Weaponry have achieved a massive amount of things in the last 2 years. Pull Down The Sun from Wanganui are really exciting too. There's so much great talent here in NZ!"


The biggest lesson from COVID-19 circumstance?


"Believe half of what you see and some and none of what you hear."


Following lead singer Jennie online she does an impressive amount of fitness work - how bout you?


"Jennie is a machine alright. Yeah, I eat really clean and have always dabbled with weights and stretches. I broke my back years ago so I'm full of screws and rods so I have to be careful and I am recovering from Frozen Shoulder at the moment which has been a nightmare but coming right now. We all have to keep our game up, it's pretty hard to put on a high energy rock show if you're not fit."



Devilskin Red Tour

Sat October 3rd 7:30pm

Trustpower Arena Baypark

Buy Tickets: https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2020/devilskin-red-nz-tour-2020/mt-maunganui/tickets