Tauranga's Festival of Innovation, with a twist

24 July 2020



2020 sees Tauranga come alive in the digital world with a range of events that push boundaries and break the mould of whats conventional. Groundswell is Tauranga's very own 'Festival of Innovation'. It brings everything from arts and culture to sports, business, and technology. The festival is running from the 27th July until the 2nd of August


This year, Groundswell has partnered with Techweek to provide some inspiring and educational speakers, straight to your device via online Webinars. There will be a range of game-changing masterclasses with revolutionary business leaders and visionary entrepreneurs sharing their expert knowledge. 


"During lockdown, we had to think of innovative ways to make our festival work well with the previous barriers we had in place. So we decide to turn our event into a digital festival and collaborate with Techweek’s national 2020 festival," says Festival Director, Rose Webb


"This has played to our advantage as we can now showcase our festival to our region as well as to the nation through Techweek. With the festival being digital we are now also showcasing it to the world. We already have bookings from Singapore, USA and throughout Europe."


Webb believes, "Now more than ever, it’s time to innovate! Tauranga has an incredible community of revolutionary business leaders and visionary entrepreneurs. Groundswell is a great way to showcase them."


Groundswell hopes to show the world how Tauranga’s organisations and people are leading the way through ground-breaking new ideas.


You can check out the range of events right here on our website. Look for the new individual banner called, 'Groundswell - Festival of Innovation.'