Our Top 5… traffic time savers when stuck on Totara Street

3 March 2020


1. Complete a full interpretive dance of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, playing all the operatic parts to perfection. Be sure to include your best ‘Wayne’s head bang.

2. Trial that new eyeshadow look you’ve been dying to try but haven’t had time to do. In fact, why not. Vlog about it too?

3. Call your Mum / Dad – and pretend to listen to them talk about the new section of the garden they’ve been working on. That’ll kill a solid 40 minutes.

4. Think about what Jamie Oliver-style meal you’re going to whip up for dinner cos you’re a culinary genius… but know at this rate you ain’t got time for that so it’s gonna be takeaways again.

5. Listen to The Station on 105.4FM #shamelessplug

*Please note, we fully endorse safe driving and focusing on the road at all time. You know, in case the police are reading this.