How do want you to use Tauranga's public spaces in the future?

21 September 2020


To ensure everyone has fair access to Tauranga’s recreational spaces, the Tauranga City Council wants to hear how people wish to use parks, reserves and stormwater reserves in the future. 

With a growing community and increased use and demand, it is time to review how the council manages the use of places and spaces that meets the needs of the community. The aim is to ensure public land is available for everyone’s benefit, and that it is consistently managed. Council is seeking the community’s view to informing the review of eight policies that set out how public places and spaces are managed for the community, private and commercial purposes.

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell asks the community to get involved at this early stage.

“In Tauranga, we are lucky enough to have a large number of public spaces like parks, reserves and stormwater reserves that we can all use in our day to day lives and enjoy,” Tenby said.

“With a growing population and private land getting smaller, we have seen more demand for different types of uses of public land.

“This is an important piece of work that will help us to identify what can and can’t be done on public land that we’ve got available.

“While ensuring fair and consistent access for everyone, we also want to make it easier for community groups, commercial and private users to access council land for various purposes.”

Community feedback will inform the review of eight policies that support the council in managing different uses of parks, reserves and stormwater reserves. Following community feedback analysis a draft policy will be prepared for adoption and formal consultation in early to mid-2021.

This is a staged process, with further policies dealing with the use of council land coming up for review.

Council will provide further information and ask the community for feedback on those in the next year.

Head to to find out how council land is currently being used and to have your say. The survey closes on Friday, 23 October.