Greerton Traffic Solution Sought

10 March 2019


At the Transport Committee meeting on Tuesday, 26 February, the recently completed traffic safety works at Greerton were discussed. Elected Members have requested staff to look into options for improving the traffic flows through Greerton along Cameron Road, without compromising safety. The decision follows concerns voiced by the local community about the impact of the works. 

Options to be explored include:

  • improving general traffic flow through the Greerton area
  • prioritisation of emergency services and buses into and out of the Greerton area
  • a pedestrian overpass or underpass
  • relocating the Cameron Road pedestrian crossing further to the north
  • review the timing of the wait period for pedestrians at the Cameron Road crossing, particularly during peak times.

Council’s CEO Marty Grenfell has also initiated an independent review of the Greerton project and a range of other projects. The main goal of the review is to understand if there are issues or themes with Council’s processes and or decisions common to all that Tauranga City Council can learn from as opposed to specific design issues. 

Mayor Brownless emphasised the need to focus on looking forward concerning Greerton roadworks, instead of looking back.