Community feedback sought for next step in Mount co-design project

11 November 2020


After receiving community support for trialling temporary changes on some of the Mount’s busiest routes, Tauranga City Council is now asking people which design options they would like to see trialled. 

The options are focused mainly on altering street layouts to make the streets safer and more enjoyable for all users, while also making the area more attractive. The trials would be implemented on a temporary basis and monitored to gauge their success, which will depend principally on how the community feels about the changes involved.

Several design options have been developed for the following routes: Banks/Salisbury Avenue, Pilot Bay, Main Beach (from the corner of Adams Avenue to Banks Avenue) and the Tay Street link (between Banks Avenue and Tay Street, including the intersection). 

The options cover various ideas, including two-way cycleways, closing sections of the road, slowing down traffic, creating one-way roads, maintaining two-way roads, changing the layout of parking, and creating spaces for events and other activities.

As an example, for Main Beach three options have been developed:

Option 1: One-way traffic: with a two-way route for bikes and scooters on the beachside. 60o angle car parking would be on both sides for the majority of the route.

Option 1 - Photo: Tauranga City Council

Option 2: Two-way traffic: with a two-way route for bikes and scooters on the beachside. 45o angle car parking on the residential side.

Option 2 - Photo: Tauranga City Council

Option 3: Shared zone: a section of the road would be closed to through traffic although still available for emergency vehicles, residential and businesses, which would create public space for people on foot, bikes and scooters with seating, planting and shade, and an area for market stalls and events. Limited parking.

Option 3 - Photo: Tauranga City Council

Michael O'Neill, Mount resident and the representative of the Mount Residents, Ratepayers and Retailers Association in the Community Design Group, says: “This has been a great opportunity for Mount residents to genuinely consult with Tauranga City Council. As a community, we really feel that we have been included and we have enjoyed working together with the council in a neutral and open fashion.”

Brooke McGregor, a student at Mount Maunganui College, Mount resident and the representative of Mount youth in the Community Design Group: “It has been interesting and encouraging to be part of this project. Our group is now passing the baton onto the wider community and I would encourage everyone who has anything to do with The Mount to share their thoughts on which designs council should trial.”

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell reiterates the need for the city to make plans to deal with growth. 

“Tauranga is growing fast and in The Mount, in particular, we have limited space to accommodate more residents and visitors. Innovating Streets at The Mount is the perfect chance to test how we can plan for a busier future while making the area safer and more enjoyable for people to use.” 

The Mount trial is being supported through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets pilot fund. $990,000 + (ex GST) has been set aside for developing and implementing the trials, of which Waka Kotahi is funding 90% and Tauranga City Council 10%.

Members of the public can share their thoughts between 12 and 29 November at