The Test Tube - An Evo(lutionary) Market Event

Venue: The Incubator Creative Hub, Tauranga South

Date: 16 October 2020

Doors Open: 06:00pm

Start Time: 06:00pm

End Time: 08:30pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Tickets: Free Admission

Evo(lutionary) Market Event #1

The Test Tube Project is an incubative and innovative series of bi-monthly events that will support the local creative community on their journey, where creatives can test ideas and/or products and get honest feedback from real customers in an open market format. We want to initiate contact between creatives and leaders of local business, innovation and entrepreneurial groups/networks, and help to bridge the current void between education completion and the business/entrepreneurial support often required for success.

In short, we are evolutionising the idea of 'markets' and what they can offer both the 'stallholders' and the community by providing a space for disruptive innovative creatives, supporters/mentors/investors, and the wider local community, to connect and grow.

On the night...
Music, comedy, poetry, food & drinks, various creations of various sorts, networking and connecting with creatives of all kinds!