Te Hononga o te Aroha -An Exhibition

Venue: The People's Gallery - Toi ka rere, Tauranga South

Date: Tuesday 02 February 2021

Start Time: 10:00am

End Time: 03:00pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Free Admission

"Hononga" - union, connection, relationship, bond. "Aroha" love, affection, compassion, empathy, charity, sympathy. "Whakapapa" genealogy, genealogical table, lineage, descent Te Hononga o te Aroha - The connection of love through whakapapa, mahi raranga and toi (arts). A collection of weaving by Sandra Silby and Aroha Kapi reflecting connections.
Introducing "Te Hononga" Sandra Silby (main weaver) and Māmā of the mother/daughter (Aroha Kapi) duo "Te Hononga o te Aroha" which in te reo Māori translates "The connection of love" A love connection not only bound by whakapapa, but that of a love and appreciation for mahi toi (arts), mahi raranga (flax weaving) and the sharing of this gift of knowledge and passion with all that are open to it. Sandra Silby although still early on in her raranga (weaving) journey has very instinctive hands that are not only guided by the support of her mentors but carried and guided by her tūpuna.
This exhibtion is a feature event in the 2021 He Iwi Kotahi - Waitangi Day event at the Historic Village - Tauranga