KJ Studios Presents Without Words

Venue: Baycourt, Tauranga

Date: Sunday 29 November 2020

Start Time: 04:00pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Without Words takes audience members on a dance journey about our connection and communication throughout the ages. From pictograms, carrier pigeons, faxes, and Morse code to YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and instant messaging. Have we got better at communicating with each other, or do we now rely on our devices to do the talking for us?
KJ Studios is consistently pushing the boundaries with their creation and choreography, and this year is no exception, from our Twinkle Tots Ballerinas to our Senior Dancers and thought-provoking contemporary pieces, this will be a show suitable for ALL ages and simply not to be missed.
KJ Studios is excited to be able to offer a sensory relaxed performance on Sunday 29th at 12pm. A sensory relaxed performance creates a less formal, supportive atmosphere in the theatre. The show softens some technical elements and offers support materials to enable neurodiverse children and their families with sensory, movement, communication, and learning needs to enjoy a comfortable and inclusive theatre experience. This includes a shorter show time, (Act 2 only) few lighting changes, no strobe light, lower sound volumes, the ability to move around during the performance if needed, and the chance to meet the performers after the show!

'A sensory relaxed performance is for anyone who would benefit from a supportive, less formal theatre show, or who finds it difficult to follow the usual rules of theatre etiquette. The welcoming atmosphere may be especially beneficial to children and their family members with sensory, movement, communication, and learning needs, and other neurodiversities such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and Tourettes. The show softens or alters some technical elements, offers support materials, and encourages a laid back attitude to movement and noise to create a comfortable and inclusive theatre experience’

If you require a support person to accompany you please contact Baycourt Theatre Box Office ASAP to claim your free admission ticket 07 577 7188 Option 2