A Very Terrible Show

Venue: 16th Avenue Theatre, Tauranga South

Date: Friday 15 January 2021

Doors Open: 07:00pm

Start Time: 07:30pm

Age Restriction: R13

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Ticket Prices:

General Admission - $15

Groups over 5 - $12

The One-off Theatre Crew (a group of young theatre nerds) presents "A Very Terrible Show" as their first and most likely last show.

Sam, Finn, & Poppy are a group of unlikely roommates, embarking on an adventure in their new home of New York City. This play follows their highs and lows of trying to ‘make it big’ in music, acting, and on Wall Street. However, there is a slight twist.

You know when you’re watching theatre and something happens that isn’t meant to, and you can’t help but laugh at someone else’s misfortune? Well this show doesn’t have just one of those moments, it’s full of them.

Come and watch as actors stumble, set collapses, and lighting cues break. Come and watch A Very Terrible Show.